About us

TIM was established in 2003, since that time our experience and innovative know-how, combined with the clients' trust, make the company one of the leaders in telemarketing, over-the-phone sales and consumer service on the Central and Eastern Europe market.

Combining the ability to recognize our clients' needs with a goal-driven approach, as well as an effective way to apply the knowledge we gained over the years, allowed us to build a solid position on the regional Call/Contact Centre market.

Each project we manage is unique. Flexibility and a professional approach to the project management process warrants efficiency and high quality results.

Areas of our expertise:
• customer support,
• sales process support,
• telemarketing services,
• foreign language services.

One of our strengths is a finely tuned team of skilled and professionally trained consultants, developing projects in Polish and nearly twenty foreign languages.

Currently, our clients may use 180 telemarketing stations split over two locations: Warsaw and Gdansk.

The solutions we offer to each unique client provide them with development opportunities. Professional support and clear rules help build mutual trust and a lasting partnership.