CSR is an important component of our company and business endeavour. We realize that, as a company, we have an impact on the society and surrounding reality.

Through our actions, we respect the rights of our employees and follow the rules of business ethics and corporate order. Our clients' satisfaction and their opinions are greatly important, as we strive to treat them with due respect.

Our company's CSR can be divided into three areas, described below.

Work life balance

We respect both the work life, as well as the personal life of our employees. Finding balance between work and private life is an important aspect of our business. We focus ourselves on understanding the fellow man and his or her needs. All employees are treated equally – no one is discriminated because of their race, skin colour, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, attitude towards military service or any other aspects governed by Polish law. TIM  Call Center has signed the Diversity Charter and supports its initiative.

Young talent support programme

The young talent support programme is aimed at young, passionate people who may associate their career with our company. The programme's goal is to recognize singularly talented employees with a potential for furthering their knowledge and skills inside our organisation. The participants are chosen through an inside competition, comprising of a series of competence tests and an Assessment Centre. The system includes a periodic training schedule and coaching sessions. The selected candidates are granted a year-long scholarship for further studies or training.

Business ethics

Our actions are marked by openness and honesty. We believe them to be the basis for all kinds of partnership. Our main goal is balanced company development, which leads to employee improvement through actions that are ethical, transparent and entirely legal.

Responsible marketing

As en entity on the Call/Contact Center market, we run a responsible marketing business for our clients' benefit, convey thorough product information, and put extra focus on client information security. We do not take up projects bearing any features of misinforming the customers in order to gain short-term benefits.